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Massacre At Mystic Questions.

May 26th, 1637- colonist and indians  
20,000 people left england- came to new england- spiritual element
First encounter- postitve. Trade. 
shocking- lack of dress, women were treated equal. 
Distrutful. Diease from europeans. Natives has no immunity. 13000-4000
Rivals less effected.(naragnsits)
Tensions emerge as everyone tries to gain control over trade
Religious. Purify the religion. Christianity. 
Woods scary for Europeans. -build permentant structure- 
Needed natives off the land. thought they found it. natives had rights to but they could be removed. 
conviced themselves that the pequat were trouble makers- english were strong. 
pequats couldnt cnrol the region. 

1636- native attacks were spreading.
English man murdered- mistakenly blamed pequots. killed a few indians. 
English unleased an attack. tension were about to erupt. 
English sailed boats to make it look like they were leaving. they landed in Narragansett land. they made an alliance. 
Before dawn- english and native allies commeneded them selves to god then went in. Get in without being detected.
natives covered the entrances with brush. started killing everyone. women, children, men. Got a torch. burned down everything, didn't plan on that, wanted to keep the fort. but couldn't kill all natives. if they got out of the fire they would be killed by english, if they got past the english, the Narragansett were behind them. took one hour. Other pequot tried to come help, but it was to late. A week later they tried to get rid of all remaining pequots. 

Comprehension Questions:
1. How would you describe relationships between the Puritan settlers and the Pequot 
before the Pequot War? Why do you think these relationships changed so quickly? 

The first trade was peaceful, and they had no problems. But once they started to get to know each other, and they how they worked, and lived. 

2. Before the arrival of the British, what was the status of the Pequot in the 
Connecticut River Valley? How would you describe their relationships with other 
Native American tribes?
The pequot were enemies with the Narragansett and the Mohican. You would think all natives would stick together but they ened up going with the puritans to help kill the pequot. 

3. Why did the Puritans travel to the New World? What were their intentions upon 
They wanted to spread their religion of their church. 

4. Compare and contrast Puritan and Pequot ideas about the following: land and 
property, division of labor and gender, and warfare? Give examples to back up 
your discussion.
The puritans thought the pequot were babying their men because the women were treated equal. The puritans didn't think the natives could own the land because they hadn't grown crops or built houses on it, so the puritans thought that they could own it. 

5. In this program, one commentator suggests that the Dutch colonists favored trade, 
while the British prioritized land. How did the difference in focus shape their 
interactions with Native Americans, and their goals in the New World? 
Because the Natives liked the dutch better and were able to trade with each other. 

6. Why were British settlers unhappy with the way Pequot organized their economy 
and relationship to the land? Do you think there was any validity to their concerns? 
Who do you think, if anyone, ultimately had the right to decide who should 
control the land?
The british thought they could control the land because the natives didn't build any crops on it. I think the natives had the right to control the land because the were their first. 

7. Why do you think the Narragansett and Mohegan tribes fought with the Puritans 
against the Pequot? Were you surprised by their actions? Discuss.
Because they have been rivals since the beggining. And yes it was surprising, because i thought the natives would want the land as much as the other natives. 

8. One commentator, Tall Oak, ponders how the early colonies would have been 
different if the Puritans had come in peace. How would you answer this question? 
Do you think a different outcome in relations between the Pequot and the Puritans 
was possible?

9. How did the Pequot manage to resurrect their community hundreds of years after 
the massacre? How do you think it would feel to go from devastation to prosperity? 
Because some ancestors were still alive so they got together to keep their land theirs. Because the tribes started to build casino. 

10. Describe the details of the 1638 Treaty of Hartford, which ended the war. Why 
was the treaty considered to be cultural genocide for the Pequot? 
Becuase all natives that survived would be sold into slavery, and the women anh children would become slaves to the other native tribes. 

11. What sources do you think historians used in order to recount the story of the 
massacre at Mystic? What sources might you use if you were trying to create a 
documentary about the early colonies? Do you think this documentary offers a 
balanced and informed view of the massacre? Discuss.
They probably used journals from the natives and english men. 

12. How did the massacre at Mystic changed the United States?

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